01. Primary Injection Loading Transformer
02. Secondary Injection Kit
03. High Voltage Kit
04. Contact Resistance Kit or micro ohm Meter
05. 3 Phase Breaker Timer
06. Megger(selectable voltage upto 5 kv)
07. Transformer Winding Resistance Meter
08. 3 Phase Phantom Load Kit
09. Digital Multimeters
10. Analog Multimeters
11. Digital Clamp Meters
12. AC Leakage Tester
13. Earth Tester
14. Phase Sequence Indicator
15. Tan Delta Test Set
The firm is started by young & energetic engineers, Our firm has Approved by CEIG & got the Class One Electrical Contractor License from Govt. of Karnataka.
are committed to achieving quality & has adopted the philosophy, that quality is not an event, but a journey without a finish line.
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